Security Systems & Equipment – How to Secure Your Home

Security Systems & Equipment for Various Uses

While burglary is the most prevalent of all incidents likely to happen to your home, it’s not the only risk you should protect against. Follow these suggestions to secure your home as far as possible by using various security systems.

Doors and Windows

Make sure that exterior doors are of good quality with excellent locks; a multi point locking system where bolts come out of the door and into the frame at several different points is a really good idea. You can supplement this with a deadbolt system as well. Exterior locks should be changed if you have moved house; you never know who may still have a key.

Remember to lock windows if you are going out and always remove the keys from the locks and keep them out of sight of the window.

Make sure that your garage door is always locked or has an electronic door.

Burglar Alarm

An alarm connected to a central monitoring company is a good idea; make sure that you have motion sensors with cameras so that the alarm company can look at the images if your alarm goes off.

Care of Property

Don’t leave expensive equipment or ladders outside; lock them away in the garage or shed. Don’t leave valuables in full view of windows and never, never leave a spare key under your doormat, under a flower pot or attached by a string to your letterbox.

Use blinds, shutters or curtains to prevent people peering in your windows, particularly if you’re away.

Other Measures

Install motion sensing outside lights to make would-be burglars think twice.

Install a home security camera and stream the resulting footage to your mobile phone.

Fire and Fumes

Burglary isn’t the only hazard which might affect your home; install a smoke alarm to warn you of fire. While you’re about it, install a carbon monoxide detector too, particularly if you have gas appliances.

Have gas boilers and fires serviced at least once a year; not only will this ensure safety but it will make the appliances work more efficiently and economically.

Ensure that upholstered furniture is fire retardant, especially if you have acquired something which is second hand.

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