10 Essential Security Tips

Security isn’t just remembering to lock the door and turn on the alarm; it is an awareness of what’s going on around you and especially what people are doing and how they’re behaving. A huge percentage of house burglaries are carried out by people who have already been in or near your house for a legitimate reason. These people look out for all sorts of small signs to indicate how well off you are and how likely it is that you own items which are worth stealing. Listed below are 10 essential security tips.

Helpful & Essential Security Tips

Tip # 1

If you have arranged for someone to come and sweep your chimney or paint your lounge, and it’s practical, move anything of value out of sight. This especially applies to portable items such as jewellery, watches and small electronic items such as tablets and phones.

Tip # 2

Take care of people working in your house who ask to use the bathroom; they may take a detour via the bedroom to inspect the contents of your drawers or jewellery box or unlock one of the windows in order to get in later. If you don’t have a downstairs toilet, find a reason to be upstairs too.

Tip # 3

If you have kids and they are lucky enough to own expensive toys, don’t leave them outside in full view of passersby; they can be an indicator of your overall wealth.

Tip #4

Never forget to lock your door when you’re going out. Beware of distractions such as someone asking the way to somewhere.

Tip # 5

If you are installing a safe, try to put it somewhere less obvious than the master bedroom wardrobe. A kitchen cupboard or a child’s bedroom is a good idea and make sure that it’s bolted to the floor and that there’s stuff in front of it so it’s not immediately visible when you open the door.

Tip # 6

Ensure that your alarm control pad isn’t visible from outside the house such as through a glass panel in the front or back door; some have a light or electronic message which shows when it’s armed.

Tip # 7

If you have an alarm, use it! At night, you can still alarm the perimeter of the house if you don’t want to risk a wandering member of the family setting it off. Alarms only work if you set them!

Tip # 8

If you’re away, get a neighbour to check for and remove mail, newspapers and advertising flyers, set lamps on a timer and do anything else you can think of to make the house look occupied.

Tip # 9

Don’t advertise the fact that you’ll be away by chatting about it in the village shop and don’t post photos on Facebook or Instagram while you are away; someone on there with bad intentions could know or find out where you live.

Tip # 10

Beware of strangers knocking on your door and report repeated phone calls when there appears to be nobody there to the police.

Follow these 10 essential security tips and your home will be as burger-proof as it’s possible to be.

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